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IITK Homepage hacked, yet again

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Hackety hack hack.

It happens again.

The last time it happened was on 5th June morning of 2007. Although the site was soon restored, it occurred again the next morning. The ones involved were “caught” and happened to be insiders. That was fun. This time around, it doesn’t like it’s the same insiders or even insiders for that matter.

Here are the screenshots:
On 5th June, 2007.
Hacked on 5th June, 2007

On 6th June, 2007.
Hacked on 6th June, 2007

Hacked on 26th April, 2008
Hacked on 26th April, 2008. PageDown
Hacked on 26th April, 2008. PageDown

Written by Naresh

April 26, 2008 at 4:46 pm