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On the Indian human sex ratio

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Take a good look at that map. Oh, and take a look at Bangalore’s colour too. Done?

Now look at this:


STRAP IN : High energy house session at FUGA tonight with DJ ROHIT BARKER on the console. With a bag full of hot new house tunes Barker is itching to bang it out at Fuga tonight. Come by for a fun sat night out.

GUESTLIST : +9198860xxxx
Strictly couples and single ladies only.


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September 12, 2009 at 1:43 pm

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Updates as of 25th Feb., ’09

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Hello. I’ve got some fresh news here –

Getting back to the post, a lot of things, as usual, have happened in the past couple of months. FOSSKriti- IITK’s FOSS event during Techkriti was once again organised this year and turned out pretty well. Here‘s a longer account.

More interesting updates in the campus include the introduction of a modern internet service in the campus. I can now stop looking for alternatives to necessary applications with HTTP(connect) proxy support. Our campus can now boast of a 1GBps internet connection (the whole country’s bandwidth is apparently 33GBps). Back then (four years ago), we started off with a measly 2MBps connection which went higher and higher up with time – eventually leading us all to this pleasant surprise. Well, pleasant or not is another day’s debate… approx 4.5 crores p.a. for such bandwidth (turns out to about 1lac per day!).

OS update: Used Windows Vista for more than a semester, then Windows 7 Beta for about a couple of weeks or more. Now on Debian 5.

Music update: check my page.

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February 25, 2009 at 5:37 pm

One of those things that annoy the hell out of you

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This thing has always been annoying me for several years now. Ever since Yahoo! or MSN started their Indian portals, the most prominent ads that were ever showed on these portals were almost always related to matrimony. It’s as if the the target-audience – Indians – are desperately looking for wives wherever they go, even on the internet. There are little or no ads which go “looking for an adult tonight? ;)” but only traditionally clothed brides smiling “marry me, darling”. Just look at this:

Such ads are an insult!

Such ads are an insult!

First, it’s not even an Indian website. Just because my IP is Indian doesn’t mean I should be bombarded with such crap. Ugh, talking about Indian IPs, things such as Yahoo! videos or Pandora (that music-related Web 2.0 thing) don’t work.

Second, just look at the screen real-estate it uses. Orange, fugly ads on my technocrat website.

Third, I haven’t been noticing this nonsense for two years and guess why? All thanks to this highly recommended addon for Firefox called Adblock-Plus (and I haven’t installed it yet on this workstation). And yes, the reason I don’t use Opera is because their adblock thing comes nowhere close to ABP. If I get a comment such as this for this post – I won’t even bother replying to it.

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November 4, 2008 at 6:31 pm