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Of IRC clients and GUI toolkits.

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Seriously guys, I don’t understand how some of you out there love mIRC. I couldn’t figure out how to *read* the /topic without having to rejoin the channel =.=

I’ve been using irssi for a long time now (along with its best buddy, screen), for some reason, I’ve had to use mIRC for a couple of days and I’d never want to use it ever again.

Well, thought I’d try one of my first IRC clients that ever worked with HTTP proxy firewalls (such as Squid) – XChat. I downloaded the free version for windows (google “xchat silverex download”) and was up and felt nostalgic in few minutes. No more fail with Japanese encoding and glitch-free copy-paste in Unicode.

But then, I wanted to tweak around with the fonts and sizes a little:

Notice that there are no “units” for the font-sizes. 12 what? Rupees? >_>
Also, notice the placement of the “OK” “Cancel” buttons in the frontmost window and its parent window.
That’s what I call fail.

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September 2, 2008 at 6:31 pm


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J-music = J-rock + J-pop + J-electronica; J = Japanese

I started getting interested in Jmusic when I started watching a lot of Anime. I often listed to radio. It plays a great collection based on the actual popular music in Japan unlike the other anime stations (usually north-american) where the primary targets are “otakus”.

Some of the artists/bands that I liked while I was listerning to are:

(not in any particular order)

Shiina Ringo – Yattsuke Shigoto

Hitomi Shimatani – Haru Machibito

Antique Cafe – Escapism

Dir en Grey – Mazohyst of Decadence, Oscure(uncut), Embryo

Janne da Arc

Tommy February6 – Lonely in Gorgeous

Koda Kumi – Ningyo Hime

Bloodthirsty Butchers – Sanzan

HiGE – Dirty na sekai (Put your head)

BUCK-TICK – Kagerou
(this is the ending-song in xxxHolic and the two girls are *cute* ^^)
more to come…

Written by Naresh

October 31, 2006 at 2:27 pm

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