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Updates as of 25th Feb., ’09

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Hello. I’ve got some fresh news here –

Getting back to the post, a lot of things, as usual, have happened in the past couple of months. FOSSKriti- IITK’s FOSS event during Techkriti was once again organised this year and turned out pretty well. Here‘s a longer account.

More interesting updates in the campus include the introduction of a modern internet service in the campus. I can now stop looking for alternatives to necessary applications with HTTP(connect) proxy support. Our campus can now boast of a 1GBps internet connection (the whole country’s bandwidth is apparently 33GBps). Back then (four years ago), we started off with a measly 2MBps connection which went higher and higher up with time – eventually leading us all to this pleasant surprise. Well, pleasant or not is another day’s debate… approx 4.5 crores p.a. for such bandwidth (turns out to about 1lac per day!).

OS update: Used Windows Vista for more than a semester, then Windows 7 Beta for about a couple of weeks or more. Now on Debian 5.

Music update: check my page.

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February 25, 2009 at 5:37 pm

Windows and others…

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The first operating system I ever laid my hands was fortunately or unfortunately Microsoft Windows.
I don’t understand why this was so. This was in my early days at school. No wait, it wasn’t windows… it was something else… I don’t recall its name… it was something like DOS I think… I wrote my first LOGO program there and then some BASIC. And, in my later stages some PASCAL. Then it was the end of non-Windows operating systems. Then it was Windows all along until I came to this place.
It opened my eyes to a whole new world of computers and operating systems. All this time I didn’t even know that the windows I had been using all this time was a pirated copy! It was time for me to experience GNU/Linux. We had this course called Elements of scientific computing 101. We were taught to compile and run simple Java programs with console commands like ‘javac’ and ‘java’.
We also had a dozen Sun systems running Solaris 6. At this time I still wasn’t aware of supposedly more powerful systems like FreeBSD. Ending todays entry with a screenshot.

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September 14, 2005 at 9:50 am

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Operating Systems on my comp…

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finally i’ve settled on my oses…
i did take a look at the things win xp x64 didn’t support and it didn’t look very good. moreover it requires a minimum of 1gb ram! i still have 512mb
so i decided to go for the 32 bit one.
lets see what i’ve got here..
20 gb for windows (x86)
20 gb for gentoo linux (amd64) and
10 gb for freebsd (x86).

i downloaded and burnt the 4 cds of solaris 10 the other day…
but badluck….it couldn’t “find” any disks….mine as you can see is a sata hdd
when unix clones like freebsd and linux can support can support the newer sata drives why can’t solaris ?
i was a little dissappointed with this.
today i went out and bought this months “linux for u”
fedora core 4 dvd included :)…its got that new openoffice 2 beta..people say its a lot better than its predecessors

the first pic is about emerging gnome-light

well another week or so to go….
will be leaving to mumbai on 18th…and leave mumbai for kanpur on 25th i think
there i’m coming to the end of my holidays
and my third semester starts officially on 27th

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July 9, 2005 at 11:02 pm

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