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J-music = J-rock + J-pop + J-electronica; J = Japanese

I started getting interested in Jmusic when I started watching a lot of Anime. I often listed to radio. It plays a great collection based on the actual popular music in Japan unlike the other anime stations (usually north-american) where the primary targets are “otakus”.

Some of the artists/bands that I liked while I was listerning to are:

(not in any particular order)

Shiina Ringo – Yattsuke Shigoto

Hitomi Shimatani – Haru Machibito

Antique Cafe – Escapism

Dir en Grey – Mazohyst of Decadence, Oscure(uncut), Embryo

Janne da Arc

Tommy February6 – Lonely in Gorgeous

Koda Kumi – Ningyo Hime

Bloodthirsty Butchers – Sanzan

HiGE – Dirty na sekai (Put your head)

BUCK-TICK – Kagerou
(this is the ending-song in xxxHolic and the two girls are *cute* ^^)
more to come…

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October 31, 2006 at 2:27 pm

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A rock show in the campus!

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Yup, that’s the poster of our supposedly first rock-band.
It was a great show. Just like they had promised they started it after 8, atleast 45 minutes after 8 :p
A long wait for the sound tests to succeed and yet the first song gets f***ed up. Soon it was just another show where Mr. X who handles the sound-console is responsible for the unprofessional sound-handling.
The started off with Vishnu’s favorites: Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. And then, we had a taste of White Stripes’ Seven Nation army. The others weren’t too interesting to me.
The end-semester exams are closing in and the thought of which freezes me in time.

sayoonara ^_^

Written by Naresh

April 10, 2006 at 1:44 am

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