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On Americanisation of India

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I’ve hinted in my previous post about Shell. And it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of the notoriety of Bangalore for being the outsource sink of the US. Everything you see in the past 10 years in India has increasing doses of Americanisation. The Bollywood movies, the English spelling in your TV ads, the vocabulary, the TV shows themselves.

Yes, TV shows. Did you know that there’s a popular Oprah-clone that’s been running in the regional televisions (Tamil and now Kannada) for a few years now? A famous actress is the host (her name is Lakshmi, she was hot in her hayday.) I can see that women and men don’t think or use their brains the same way and sometimes Evolutionary psychologists do manage to explain certain behaviour. But here’s this show which my mom and sis watch a lot, and I know that a lot of other women watch it too. Heck even the show itself has plenty of women in the audience who all seem to – in a creepy sense – enjoy the domestic battle that’s being gladiator’d out in the middle.

Meh. 😐

Written by Naresh

December 25, 2009 at 8:37 pm