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Operating Systems on my comp…

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finally i’ve settled on my oses…
i did take a look at the things win xp x64 didn’t support and it didn’t look very good. moreover it requires a minimum of 1gb ram! i still have 512mb
so i decided to go for the 32 bit one.
lets see what i’ve got here..
20 gb for windows (x86)
20 gb for gentoo linux (amd64) and
10 gb for freebsd (x86).

i downloaded and burnt the 4 cds of solaris 10 the other day…
but badluck….it couldn’t “find” any disks….mine as you can see is a sata hdd
when unix clones like freebsd and linux can support can support the newer sata drives why can’t solaris ?
i was a little dissappointed with this.
today i went out and bought this months “linux for u”
fedora core 4 dvd included :)…its got that new openoffice 2 beta..people say its a lot better than its predecessors

the first pic is about emerging gnome-light

well another week or so to go….
will be leaving to mumbai on 18th…and leave mumbai for kanpur on 25th i think
there i’m coming to the end of my holidays
and my third semester starts officially on 27th

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July 9, 2005 at 11:02 pm

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  1. How did the free BSD install go ?
    I heard that Free BSD partition management is not easy ..
    Wht do u say ?
    pavi blog


    April 9, 2006 at 10:00 pm

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