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Updates as of 16th Mar. ’10

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an “updates” post so it looks like I’m going to have to recap quite a bit.

First off, today marks two months of my stay at Mumbai. It’s been an interesting experience in as far as the passage of time is concerned. I feel a lot busier than I used to and I think that’s a good thing. I’m beginning to make fuller use of the day unlike my (extremely) lazy days at college a year ago. Interestingly, today also marks the Hindu new year in the Western and Southern parts of the country (unsure about the rest).

And more interestingly, yesterday the GATE results were announced. Although I had registered for it, I didn’t appear for the exam. I was convinced I was way under-prepared and I took off to Mumbai. My juniors at IITK got their scores: Shashank did surprisingly well (99+ percentile), then it was Praneeth followed by Surya. Going by the numbers they’ve scored and the first-hand report on the sort of importance Theory of Computation holds in this paper, I’m slightly better informed now (would’ve been more better informed if I actually wrote the exam!) and this gives me more direction towards what to prepare for by next year’s GATE.

Rachit, a former wingmate of mine, flew from his Uni in Paris to Mumbai on 1st of March for a short detour homeward and then onto his new job at Paris. We had a reunion of sorts: Mandal (puts up at Kandivali), Kanodia (somewhere in Navi Mumbai, Ghansoli IIRC), Saurabh(!), Rachit and I. We had a good time and went down to Churchgate for what would be my first encounter with “Bademiya” – a smallish outdoor eatery specialising in primarily non-vegetarian food. It was busy. Really busy. But good too.

And last weekend was a weekend out with Mitesh (who so gracefully came all the way from Pune), Rachit (who had just returned from visiting his home), Saurabh, Mandal and I. We met on Friday, had a good night and the morning Rachit left to fly back to Paris. We had a good time on Saturday – watched “Alice in Wonderland” in IMAX! – Followed by another visit to Bademiya (Mitesh’s first visit).

I quite liked the movie. Before the actual movie started, a bunch of trailers (2D and 3D) were shown and boy is the IMAX 3D experience going to get big or what. Must thank Avatar to kick things off in India. Really. I liked the white queen in the movie. The movie was so sparkly and all, could be thought of as a *cough*acid trip*cough* (not that I know). It’s a must watch, really. It’s amazing how novel experiences can really brighten up our minds, raising our bars of satisfaction every time we confront something new.

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March 16, 2010 at 8:26 am

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  1. 16th March is my birthday. Now you will remember the date.


    October 31, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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