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Am I dreaming?

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Howdy old *******s :D,

tomorrow is my PSY152 exam! I’ve missed my two ENG123 classes this week. I feel a little bad about it but you don’t get to watch LOTR the night before more than once do you?
One of my friends who’s doing PHI441 (advanced: philosophy!) came over to my room, the fan in his room wasn’t working and as most of you’d know it’s *burning* here in Kanpur (go to Goa people, enjoy the beaches, don’t come to land-locked hellish places like this one), and began to give me a lecture on one of his PHI topics –The “brain in the vat” “thing”, he asked me, how do you know whether you’re dreaming or not as I’m talking to you?… … … hmm, that was interesting.
You know what’s stange about this post?
1. I haven’t posted all this time so this is something that has come afer a long time.
2. tomorrow is my PSY152 exam.
3. am i still dreaming?

just to finish off this dream’s topping, the much awaited screenshot! 😀

Written by Naresh

June 23, 2006 at 12:01 am

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