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Exams are coming :(

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I wish I could sleep long periods of time like they show in those vampire-based animes. You get to stay awake for just about the same duration- non-stop!
Preparing for these exams can be the most boring thing you could ever do. And there’s this course called TA201 which is pure “remember-the-details-and-forget-it-the-next-day” kind of a course.
I’m currently listening to “contemporary instrumental” through internet radio. My primary desktop-OS is linux and I just stumbled upon this great app called ” streamtuner.
Coupled with amaroK it’s kick ass rocking ^_^<

gtg now, lots of lecture slides still remaining 😦

Written by Naresh

April 20, 2006 at 10:36 am

Posted in College Life, Entertainment, Exams, Music, Software

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