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StarCraft Mania

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We’ve been playing a lot of StarCraft this summer. Even the AOE-fanboy, Lalit (Lord_Zulu) joined us. The True_Lord, KD (OverLOrd) seriously sucks when it comes to playing against the protoss. We could beat any other tribe n-on-n but for against an all-protoss game. Bheekling and I took up the challenge of beating the Protoss without being Protoss 🙂 (OverLOrd was in initially (both as Terran and Zerg), soon got depressed even after playing as Protoss and went home for the weekend 😉
A nice game – given that Lord_Zulu is back 🙂
Time to dine!

Here‘s the .rep (I’m l’Arc~en~Ciel btw)

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July 7, 2007 at 9:32 pm

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