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Food just sucks

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Food just sucks It sucks and it sucks all the time. I hate oil, dirty, spent oil. Today’s lunch in the mess was a combination of the worst horrors. There was rice (probably the safest thing), dal, some sort of sabzi containing peas and diced carrot probably sauted in stinking, spent, burnt oil. .
And, of course, the usual, FAKE sambar. I just can’t tell you how fake that is. Deciding to go for the custom-cooked egg-fried-rice another nightmarish plate was awaiting me. Just about anyone shows up at the egg counter and starts preparing in whatever manner he conjures up in his mind. This time it was someone new. The culprit, unfortunately for him, that made me hate him was the f**ked up oil he used. The bad taste still lingers in my mouth as I write this.

This is kind of dal I expect (which my mom is good at 🙂
And, this is sambar.

reporting from hall5 mess, IITK.

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February 26, 2007 at 1:32 pm

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