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Fonts, good ones

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Not sure if people who know me have noticed it or not but I seem to be ‘obsessed’ with fonts. The first thing I do whenever I install a linux distro is to go and fetch those apple fonts and set them as the default ones with appropriate settings (autohinting, smoothing, etc.)
The blog post here has the link to the apple fonts and make sure you go through Gentoo-Wiki‘s article.
Here’s my gnome-font-properties‘s screenshot. Notice that I’ve turned off hinting (Hinting: “None” radio button). Try this even if you’re not going to install apple fonts. It give a whole new look to the fonts you might already be using: BitStream Vera or Dejavu.
Happy Gnome-ing 🙂

UPDATE on 25th of Feb, 2007:

Finally, this is how my /etc/fonts/local.conf stands for my Samsung SyncMaster 740N LCD.

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February 2, 2007 at 10:35 am

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