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A Power-cut

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Looks like I’m back again after a long break. The place where I’m currently in, there’re hardly any power-cuts, and very brief ones. But, today was different, it was just like that one which had taken place at around the same part of last semester. A black-out just before the Chemistry exam, and the next day just before the chem. exam a boy from our hall had committed suicide.
Anyway, this time the power-cut was during the day time so there isn’t any need for me to think of things like that happenning again.
Things are getting humid here. And, soon it’ll get a lot hotter too. Kanpur is known for it’s extreme temperatures during the summers and the winters. People have died.
This place is nothing like me home town Bangalore. It’s just paradise on it’s way to destruction (well, in a way). Bangalore’s geography if you notice is kind of unique. It’s located right in between the coastal cities of Chennai and Mangalore. We’re affected by climatic changes in both the seas. Bay of Bengal on the east and the Arabian sea on the west. And, more importantly, Bangalore is kind of situated at a higher altitude compared to the other cities in the southern country (apart hill stations of course). All in all temperatures do not vary as widely as it does in other inland-cities of this country.

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April 8, 2006 at 7:30 pm

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