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Chatting on hi5

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now that i have holidays, i spend some time i the night on hi5 chat, i usually stay in lounge 1.
i’ve been using nicks that have managed to get me a lot of “attention” like,
‘god is angry!’, ‘i’m not god!’, ‘balls to racists’, ‘to hell with racists’.
somehow, most of them who personal messaged me (who also happenned to be americans) somehow guessed that i was indian!
some of them guessed that i was indian solely by the nickname i’d used!
there was crazy female from the us who was trying to convince me that racism wasn’t bad!!(this was yesternight!)

news: ‘Racialized medicine’ debate flares
have any of you listened to ‘we are all living in america……america…’ by rammstein ?

Written by Naresh

June 17, 2005 at 6:04 pm

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